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Siobhan Hogan: 2005-06

Project Overview

As next year's Keegan Traveling Fellow, I plan to work with local and international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in developing countries. I hope to study and explore how NGOs work to meet their objectives and work with their local communities. NGOs play a vital role in development work in many developing countries. However, some NGOs work better than others, and there is plenty of criticism and support for NGOs in the developing world. Furthermore, the countries that I will visit are those that endured many years of conflict, turmoil, and corruption. All of these countries are in the democracy and peace building/keeping process. Many NGOs help to restore peace and maintain democracy in these post-conflict countries. Moreover, I hope to observe NGOs that focus on democracy and human rights. Human rights violations are still a major problem around the world. Lastly, the final component of my research is to identify service learning opportunities for students. Service learning is a critical component of our education because it allows us to immerse ourselves in the lives of others, learn from their stories, and to impact the lives of the people we meet.


  • Guatemala: September 2-October 16
  • El Salvador: October 16-November 21
  • Peru: November 21-December 20
  • Brazil: December 20-January 10, 2006
  • Argentina: January 10-February 12
  • South Africa: February 12-April 1
  • Kenya: April 1-May 1
  • Uganda: May 1-June 1
  • India: June 1-July 15
  • Cambodia: July 15-August 15
  • Vietnam/Thailand: August 15-September 1