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Feature Webpage: Invisible Children

Invisible Children is an amazing documentary about Child Soldiers and Night Commuters in Northern Uganda. Visit the webpage to watch a trailor and learn how to help the children in Uganda.


Tam Tam Femme is in the process of translating my journal entries into several languages. Tam Tam Femme is a self funded, apolitical network of over 200 women throughout Latin America and Africa. The network provides a link between a woman traveler and a woman in the country she will be traveling to. Through these links women are able to get practical knowlegde about water safety, health conditions, living environemnt, schools, volunteer organizations, etc. For example, the family I was put in touch with in Johannesburg, South Africa runs a travel agency and they are working to find a bed and breakfast for me to live at during my stay in Jo'burg. The site contains journal entries from women traveling around the globe and provides several great travel links.

Feature Webpage: Princess Trust

The purpose of the Princess Trust is to raise funds for and raise awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse. The Princess Trust was inspired by the courage and innocence of a very special little girl, affectionately know as Princess Moonbeam. The site contains the organizations mission, philosophy, and purpose. It also tells the motivational story of Princess Moonbeam.

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