The highest rate of reported rape worldwide is in South Africa (52,000 yearly). It is estimated that the figure reflects only one in every 36 actual incidents of rape. Only 7 percent of reported rape cases ever make it to a court
-Christian Science Monitor




In Uganda 49% of surveyed schoolgirls who responded that they were sexually active said they had been coerced to have sex.
-Reproductive Freedom News, April 1999

In North Sudan, 89% of women have undergone infibulation, the most severe type of female genital mutilation
- Female Genital Mutilation: A Call for Global Action. 2nd edition, Nahid Toubia. RAINBO, 1995
Sexual Assault in Africa
Domestic violence can have long-term psychological effects. Studies have shown that one out of every four suicide attempts by women is preceded by abuse
-Heise L. Violence against women: the missing agenda. In: Koblinsky M, Timyan J, Gay J, ed.. The Health of Women: A Global Perspective. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1993.

In African countries teenage girls have a rate of HIV infection five times that of young boys.
-Washington Post, 6/28/2002

21,000 child rapes, and some 37,000 adult rapes, were reported in South Africa last year. According to the South African Police Service, only one in 35 are actually reported. The actual incidence of rape could well be in excess of a million per year.
-Science in Africa Online Journal
Violence against women is a widespread problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Surveys conducted in sub-Saharan Africa reveal that 46 percent of Ugandan women, 60 percent of Tanzanian women, 42 percent of Kenyan women, and 40 percent of Zambian women report regular physical abuse.
-Odunjinrin O. Wife battering in Nigeria. Int J Gynaecol Obstet 1993; 41:159-164.
A study in Uganda revealed that 49 percent of sexually active primary school girls say they had been forced to have sexual intercourse.
Noble J, Cover J, Yanagishita M. The World's Youth, 1996. Washington, DC: Population Reference Bureau, 1996.
Both boys and girls can be targets for sexual abuse. In a District in Uganda, 31 percent of school girls and 15 percent of boys report having been sexually abused, many by teachers.
- Sebunya C. Child abusers face mob justice: AIDS Analysis Africa 1996; 6(3):15.
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