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Transfer Groups

Vanderbilt recognizes that although transfer students are not new to the college experience, you are new to our campus community.  Coming to a new university can be daunting. To assist you with making that transition, all incoming transfer students will be assigned to one of 12 transfer groups.  These groups – each of which is comprised of approximately 16 transfer students – meets throughout the fall semester.  Starting on move-in weekend, transfer groups help you form connections and support networks as you establish and navigate your new life at Vanderbilt.

Each transfer group is led by a team of two upper-division students who are themselves transfer students from previous years.  These student leaders are called Transfer Student Leaders (TSLs).  TSLs work collaboratively with International Orientation Leaders and VUceptors to welcome all new undergraduate students to campus each year.

Applications to be a 2020 TSL are open until February 2.

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