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Life at Vanderbilt

Over the course of your Vanderbilt journey, you may find that you need support from the many available campus resources. The following offers a centralized listing of campus resources available to all students

Resources to Know

New Student Hotline (615) 322-4948
Blair School of Music (615) 322-7651
College of Arts and Science (615) 322-2844
Office of Housing and Residential Education (615) 322-2591
Office of Student Care Coordination (615) 343-9355
Office of Student Financial Aid (615) 322-3591
Office of the Dean of Students (615) 322-6400
Office of the University Registrar (615) 322-7701
Peabody College (615) 322-7444
School of Engineering (615) 343-3773
Student Health Center (615) 322-2427
University Counseling Center (615) 322-2571
Vanderbilt Police (Non-Emergency) (615) 322-2745
Vanderbilt Police (Emergency) (615) 421-1911
VUIT Help Desk (615) 343-9999

Academic policies and expectations are delineated in the University Catalogs. Policies & Regulations for co-curricular matters including the Honor Code can be found in the Student Handbook.

The portal for co-curricular engagement is Anchor Link, where students may examine the missions and events of student organizations and a number of University departments.

If you have any questions about a resource not listed, please contact the New Student Hotline to be directed to the appropriate resource.