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Top Hat Online Tests

Top Hat has enhanced testing with new remote proctoring functionality, so that you can give secure, synchronous tests and exams. This remote proctoring solution is currently free and will:

  • Verify students’ identities to ensure that the right students are taking the test

  • Monitor student activity live and flag irregular student behaviors using sophisticated artificial intelligence

  • Generate an easy-to-understand proctor report for faculty to review

Watch the video for an overview.

  • Students can only access the test by inputting a unique code that the instructor auto-generates and shares in class.
  • Proprietary algorithms identify when students are cheating and lock them out of the test automatically.
  • Flexible exam settings allow you to determine the bar for acceptable browser behavior. Use Top Hat Test’s proctor report to lock out students suspected of cheating.
  • Top Hat Test is compatible with any student device—smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • No need for any software downloads or separate applications.
  • If you have linked your Top Hat course to Brightspace, grades can be exported from Top Hat directly to Brightspace.

How do I get started?

It’s important to note that creating a test within Top Hat is different from creating a typical polling question. When you select the “Create” button in Top Hat, look for the prize ribbon icon and the words “Top Hat Test”. This is the menu to use when building your test.

We recommend that you watch this short video, as it does a great job of leading you through the steps to set up your first test and answers all the most common questions.

Once you’ve watched the video, use this guide with screen shots to learn how to administer and proctor the online test.

Top Hat Step-by-Step Guide for Tests