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Jerry Powers

Founder, JV Powers & Co

Advancing 3D Technologies and Printing into Health Care,Medical Simulation, Procedure Rehearsal, Mentoring,Anatomical Models, Limbs, Artistic Creations, Promotional Items, Manufacturing, Scientific Modeling, Automotive, Wardrobe, Wearables, Universal Possibilities, Design, Architectural Modeling.

Personal/Portable Health Record via Smart Media (e.g., Smart Microprocessor Chip Cards, Secure Chip Token, Cell Phone NFC Chips), Payment Applications via EMC, Microprocessor Chip Technology across Board, Secure Multi factor Authentication and Identification, First Responder high level credentialing, Smart Cards in HealthCare, RFID applications for people, assets, inventory, communications, Credentialing with Biometrics, Fraud Detection

Specialties: PHR, EHR, HIE Complimentary Applications, Meaningful Use Compliance, FRAC, HSPD12, ESAR/VHP, FIPS 201

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