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Coming Soon

The Wond’ry and the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL) have partnered with Aloa Labs- a Vanderbilt student led business- to bring you an Innovation Marketplace. The Marketplace is a platform where people with ideas can locate people with specific skillsets and content knowledge to help propel their idea or project to the next level.

Some features of the Marketplace include:

  • Vanderbilt centered- all members must be a part of the Vanderbilt community or an invited mentor from a partner company
  • Post your project- post a project and get matched with people that have the skills needed to take it to the next level
  • Find cool opportunities- become a member and when you list your skillsets, you’ll have access to a list of interesting projects that need your skills
  • Internal messaging system- easy to use, integrated tools for communicating with other members and applying for opportunities
  • Focused on forging connections- when the right group of people make connections around an idea of mutual interest, great things happen

Visit us again soon and watch our social media for updates on the launch of this tool.