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Using computer science for meaningful social change

Change++ is a student organization that provides Nashville nonprofits with new technical capabilities. The organization is comprised of Vanderbilt University students with skills in computer programming, data analytics, and software development. Club members use those skills to implement projects that directly serve the Nashville community.


Each year, Change++ selects a number of community-based projects to implement over the fall and spring semesters. These projects are selected based upon the capabilities of Change++ members and the project’s ability to positively impact the lives of Nashvillians.


OASIS Center

The Oasis Center has over 40,000 unique data points it wants to analyze in order to better track impact across their 20+ programs. Change++ is refining the organization’s data management and analysis process, so staff can quickly and easily gain insights on specific impact metrics.

Urban Housing Solutions

Urban Housing Solutions developed a board game called “The Game of Rent,” which introduces players to the challenges of finding affordable housing for people of different socio-economic classes. The goal of this project is to create an online/mobile version of this game, which will eventually be tailorable to other cities.

Blind Fashion

Change++ is developing an iOS application which will interface with RFID sensors and QR codes to allow blind people to hear information concerning clothing items they are thinking about purchasing/wearing.

Unheard Voices Outreach

Unheard Voices Outreach advocates for re-entry and equitable opportunity for persons formerly convicted as felons. The organization develops re-entry plans for incarcerated individuals and wants to build an application which will provide formerly incarcerated persons with a toolkit to adjusting and succeeding in life after prison.

Directory Project

The Society of Black Peabody Alumni and LatinX want to better connect the various individuals from their respective organizations. This application will involve building out features of last year’s Change++ application and incorporating that project with Vanderbilt IT.