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Student Organizations

Eco-Dores Peer Residential Education Program

The Vanderbilt University Eco-Dores program, launched in Fall 2009, is designed to encourage environmental education and to help students recognize the systemic and interdisciplinary nature of ecology and environmental sustainability. Eco-Dores are residents in the housing system who act as “peer educators” and mentor other students to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. Each Eco-Dore will be given guidance and support during collaborative educational sessions throughout the year in which they will be introduced to a topic related to that month’s theme and brainstorm actions that they could implement in their own residence hall. The goal is that residents of each hall will find their own way to respond to the theme and their own best solution.

Possible monthly themes include energy conservation; water conservation; consumption; reducing, reusing, recycling; carbon footprint and climate change; sustainable food and dining; transportation; and green building. Find them on Anchor Link here.

Environmental Law Society

The Environmental Law Society is an organization for students interested in learning more about environmental law and environmental legal careers. This group has sponsored numerous speakers, panels, and activities since its inception and aims to strengthen relationships between Vanderbilt Law students and local environmental groups.

Owen Graduate School of Management Net Impact

Owen Net Impact is a member of the larger Net Impact community with over 150 student and professional chapters worldwide. Net Impact aims to positively contribute to a community of new leaders in fields such as corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who will use business to improve the world.  Net Impact has in the past hosted events such as a Green Career Symposium, “Green Week” and the Net Impact National Conference.  This group has also partnered with the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office to devise business plans and programming for various environmental projects and efforts on campus. Read more about it here.

Think Gold, Act Green Coalition

The “Think Gold, Act Green” Coalition, managed by Vanderbilt Student Government’s Environmental Affairs Committee, serves as a liaison to the various environmental groups on campus and works with these organizations to develop, coordinate, and promote recycling and energy/resource conservation on campus. It also strives to develop unique, cost-effective initiatives for lessening Vanderbilt’s use of resources, invigorates the student body to be more environmentally friendly, and encourages the university to take a leadership role in the global battle against climate change.

Vanderbilt Alternative Energy Club

The Alternative Energy Club manages Vanderbilt’s student-run biodiesel production system, which converts waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel that is used by some of the university’s diesel-fueled engines and the grounds department’s landscaping equipment. One of the byproducts of this process, glycerin, is used by the group to make EcoSuds soap, which is sold at several locations on campus. They also aim to educate others about the viability of biodiesel as an alternative fuel. Find them on Anchor Link here.

Vanderbilt Food Justice

Vanderbilt Food Justice, formerly known as Vanderbilt Garden Initiative, is a Vanderbilt student organization dedicated to the fight for food justice. While gardening is still an important part of the organization, Vanderbilt Food Justice has significantly expanded the scope of the organization. Now, their mission is defined by community, sustainability, and social justice, and our efforts are grouped into three main categories; Garden Initiative, Community Partnerships, and Solidarity with Workers. Find them on Anchor Link.

Vanderbilt Green Fund

The Vanderbilt Green Fund is a fund of $150,000 set aside for sustainability projects proposed by students. Members of SPEAR and VSG worked with the Division of Administration and OHARE to establish the Green Fund in the spring of 2011. The VGF looks for innovative and educational ideas that improve sustainability on campus. Learn more here.

Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegetarian Awareness (VIVA)

Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegetarian Awareness (VIVA) exists for the promotion and dissemination of information relating to a vegetarian/vegan diet, its ethics, and related issues. VIVA advocates a vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits derived thereof which include the positive effect on human health, avoidance of animal suffering, and an improvement of our planetary environment. Join them on Anchor here.

Vanderbilt Sierra Club

The Vanderbilt Sierra Club “practices, promotes, and educates on the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources, protection of wild habitats, and restoration of natural and human environments.” Join them on Anchor here.

Vanderbilt SPEAR

Vanderbilt SPEAR‘s mission is to increase environmental awareness and promote more environmentally sustainable habits and infrastructure within the Vanderbilt and Nashville community. Various projects sponsored by this organization include: cardboard crew, compost discovery area, house energy competitions, Climate Change Solutions Week, pollinator garden and Rites of Spring recycling. Find them on Anchor Link here.

Vanderbilt Student Government Environmental Affairs Sub-committee

Housed under the Housing, Facilities, and Operations committee, the VSG environmental affairs sub-committee promotes sustainability efforts and needs on campus, including the facilitation of the Think Gold, Act Green Coalition and other activities.


VUMC C.A.R.E.S is a medical student graduate group that promotes environmental and social responsibility among the medical community. This organization is responsible for implementing solid waste recycling within School of Medicine areas and creating an environmental/recycling lab pledge program. Over the last several years this organization has sponsored lectures that have addressed issues in the environment and how modern medicine affects or is affected by them.


Wilskills (Wilderness Skills) is Vanderbilt’s outdoor adventure club. The student run course integrates classroom lectures with outdoor weekend experiences.