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VCH Doctor’s Office Tower Recycling Program

In Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Doctor’s Office Tower (DOT), the GreenDOT Committee has implemented paper, aluminum and plastic container (resin code #1-7) recycling in the freight elevator lobby of each floor. This program is currently a staff initiative.

Each area or department collects its own recyclables desk-side, and empties these goods into green 96-gallon toters in the elevator lobby of each floor. The bins are not labeled, participants in this program are asked to look at the contents of each bin prior to emptying recyclables.  Volunteer staff members move these bins to the loading dock, where the vendor empties them once a week. If you a bin is not available on your floor, there is likely one available on the floor immediately above or below you.

For more information about VCH DOT recycling, please contact Amy Darrow, GreenDOT Chair.

Due to patient confidentiality concerns, confidential paper continues to be recycled through the Cintas secured paper bins.  The paper that is placed into the Cintas bins is eventually recycled after the confidential information is destroyed.  To set up a new account or schedule a service with Cintas, contact John Otis.