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Personal Bicycles

Racks are located conveniently throughout Vanderbilt’s campus for parking of personal bicycles. Vanderbilt Health Plus publishes a map depicting the locations of bike racks and shower facilities throughout the main campus and Medical Center. Showers are available at the following locations:

  • Student Recreation Center –Available to current members. Non-members can pay one day pass of $10 for use of showers and facility.
  • Dayani Center- available for Vanderbilt faculty & staff with Vanderbilt ID.
  • Commons – available for Vanderbilt faculty & staff.
  • Vanderbilt Orthopaedics Institute (VOI) Fitness Center – Available for current VOI members. Check with your supervisor to see if there is a shower available for use in your building.

Visit Health Plus for more information including route planning, biking resources and local bike shops!

Vanderbilt University Police Department recommends registering bicycles that will be used on campus and locking bikes when they are not in use.

VanderBIKES Bike Rental Program

VanderBIKESVanderBIKES is the premier choice for semester or year-long bike rentals at Vanderbilt. Founded through Vanderbilt Ventures, we are 100% student-run and offer a selection of bicycles for rent along with free maintenance and summer storage. Visit the VanderBIKES website for more information or to order a rental bike today.

Press Release

Nashville B-Cycle

Nashville is expanding its bike-share program to include a fee-based, automated kiosk system called Nashville B-cycle. Two kiosks is conveniently located near the Vanderbilt campus at the corner of 21st Avenue and Wedgewood and at the corner of 21st Avenue and Broadway near the Vanderbilt Law School. Click here for more information about the B-Cycle program!

Nashville GreenBikes

Nashville GreenBikes is an easy-to-use bike-share program that gives residents and visitors a healthy, and decidedly different way to experience Nashville. Riders can enjoy Nashville’s downtown, as well as the city’s extensive system of greenways, bike lanes and parks, on  comfortable, cruiser-style bikes. Registration and more information can be found at the GreenBikes website. You can also use an ID or proof of residence to check out a bike at the following locations:

A fee-based kiosk system is currently located in downtown Nashville, with expansions into the mid-town area expected soon.

Additonal Bicycle Resources