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Don’t Toss it!—Vanderbilt’s Earth Friendly Move Out Tips

Posted by on Monday, April 29, 2013 in Events, News, Waste & Recycling.

With the hustle and bustle of finishing up the semester, moving out can be a hectic process of trying to fit a year’s worth of stuff into cars, suitcases, and storage. For all the stuff that doesn’t fit, Vanderbilt’s Earth Friendly Move Out provides opportunities to keep a large volume of material out of the landfill while helping others at the same time.

Donate your old textbooks, resell them, swap them with friends or post them on Vandy FreeSwap. This might earn you money and will reduce waste in the landfill! Donate any other items that you do not want to a local charity by dropping them off in the residence hall lobbies or in the pods conveniently located throughout campus. Or you can post them on Vandy FreeSwap.

In addition to donating, there are many locations for recycling items during move out.

  • Electronics, tablets, computers, appliances, ink and toner cartridges, batteries, pens and pencils, papers, and books can all be recycled. Please drop off your electronics and appliances in the specially designated areas outdoors around the residence halls that are set up only during move-out.
  • For ink and toner cartridges, batteries, and pens, markers and mechanical pencils, recycling is available year round at the Sarratt and Commons Center main desks.  Battery recycling is also available at all Reeve desks.
  • For more traditional recycling items such as plastic, paper, aluminum, and cardboard, students are encouraged to use the residential recycling areas located next to their dumpsters rather than throwing items away.  Please remember to flatten boxes to leave space for others wanting to recycle!

For more information about Earth Friendly Move Out, please visit the SustainVU website, contact or call 343-2784 (E.ARTH on campus).

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