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Get caught ‘green-handed’ during Game Day Challenge Oct. 29

Posted by on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 in Athletics, Events, News, Waste & Recycling.

On Oct. 29, Vanderbilt will compete with more than 65 schools across the country in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Game Day Challenge. This is Vanderbilt’s second year taking the challenge. Last year, participating schools diverted 500,000 pounds of waste from the landfill, and Vanderbilt ranked first in the Southeastern Conference and seventh overall in the Waste Minimization category.

Get caught “green-handed”

A tricycle recycling collection system is used to capture recyclables generated during the tailgate. (Bill Randles/Vanderbilt University)

For the Game Day Challenge, the Vanderbilt Sustainability and Environmental Management Office will recruit extra volunteers for game-day recycling efforts, and prizes will be handed out to fans who get caught “green-handed” recycling.

Fans can do their part by being aware of the waste they produce and by practicing some waste-reduction tips, such as:

  • Bringing reusable food containers, plates and cups to tailgate
  • Making sure that any disposable items purchased are recyclable
  • Bringing only what food and beverages are needed for tailgate and taking home the leftovers
  • Recycling all plastics and aluminum cans in recycling bins located on the concourse, at the gates and near every tailgate
  • Buying items that have as little packaging as possible

After the game, the total waste and recycling generated will be submitted to the Game Day Challenge organizers. The winning schools will be announced in December. Help Vanderbilt score on and off the field by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

To volunteer to help at the Oct. 29 game, contact Lindsay Walker at or 343-2784.

For more information about recycling at VU, visit SustainVU or become a fan of SEMO’s SustainVU Facebook page.

Photo of Vanderbilt Stadium by John Russell, Vanderbilt University

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