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Eco-Dores Peer Residential Education Program

The Vanderbilt University Eco-Dores program, launched in Fall 2009, is designed to encourage environmental education and to help students recognize the systemic and interdisciplinary nature of ecology and environmental sustainability. Eco-Dores are residents in the housing system who act as “peer educators” and mentor other students to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. Each Eco-Dore will be given guidance and support during collaborative educational sessions throughout the year in which they will be introduced to a topic related to that month’s theme and brainstorm actions that they could implement in their own residence hall. The goal is that residents of each hall will find their own way to respond to the theme and their own best solution.

Possible monthly themes include energy conservation; water conservation; consumption; reducing, reusing, recycling; carbon footprint and climate change; sustainable food and dining; transportation; and green building.

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For more information on the Eco-Dores program please contact SEMO.