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The ThinkOne Energy Conservation Campaign

What is ThinkOne?

An energy conservation campaign is underway at Vanderbilt! The campaign’s goal is to reduce energy consumption at Vanderbilt by 15% or more and is simply called “ThinkOne”. The Think One campaign focuses on energy-saving behaviors that individuals at Vanderbilt can take to reduce Vanderbilt’s energy consumption and impact on the environment. The ThinkOne campaign will educate our faculty, campus staff, researchers, Medical Center employees, and students about how the Vanderbilt Community uses energy and how best to conserve energy on campus. The ThinkOne concept is based on models used in social marketing campaigns and involves the widespread dissemination of information using this unifying brand, targeted approach involving peer education, feedback, and incentives. Peer education and feedback tools have strong empirical support in improving energy conservation.

The ThinkOne Campaign

Energy–saving measures are already underway around campus and the Medical Center. Plant Operations (on campus) and Plant Services (in the Medical Center) have already begun improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and have been doing so for years. Several individual departments on campus have invested in energy efficiency upgrades as well, including the Law School, Owen Graduate School of Management, Peabody College, and Dining Services (to name just a few). However, the benefits of building energy efficiency upgrades might not be fully realized if building occupants do not utilize energy wisely (knowingly or unknowingly), or understand how their buildings and equipment consume energy.

Enter ThinkOne.

The ThinkOne logo will appear on information that is provided to the campus population in order to reinforce the core message of energy conservation and bring attention to the campaign in general. The campaign will include surveys, e–mail announcements, postcards, signs, and stickers. A website dedicated to the ThinkOne concept will serve as a clearinghouse of information related to energy conservation as well as a forum for questions and comments. To further target specific behaviors, the ThinkOne team will promote energy conservation at a number of events throughout the year. The ThinkOne concept and energy saving education will be continuously improved and refined throughout the first phase of education, targeting faculty and staff in office and classroom areas. The second phase of education will involve Vanderbilt’s residential students. After gathering data and gaining experience with office, classroom, and residential occupants, the third phase of the effort will be a campaign targeting reduced energy use in the more complex research/medical areas.

ThinkOne Initiative – Evaluation & Research

Scientific evaluation methods will be used to establish evidence for the education campaign’s effectiveness and to provide ongoing feedback. The initiative will be rolled out in multiple phases, exposing the campus population to different aspects of the educational interventions (peer education or feedback).

Sharply rising energy costs, energy uncertainty, and the environmental impact associated with energy production all play a role in Vanderbilt’s desire to reduce energy consumption. The ThinkOne Energy Conservation Campaign is being launched simultaneously with a multi–year building improvement project and an evidence–based educational campaign that is grounded in research and theory in order to achieve the largest reductions possible in energy usage across campus.

ThinkOne is a joint effort of Vanderbilt’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Office, Vanderbilt’s Center for Evaluation and Program Improvement, and Vanderbilt’s Department of Psychology.

Please come back to the ThinkOne web site often to get energy conservation tips and information on special events!

…and Think of One thing you can do every day to conserve energy. The Power is In Your Hands.