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SCUP Tour showcases FutureVU Plans and Progress

Posted by on Friday, July 20, 2018 in Events, FutureVU, Green Building, Land Use, News.

Mike Perez leads SCUP tour participants through campus. (Vanderbilt/Susan Urmy)

The Division of Administration hosted over 50 architects, designers and higher-education leaders from the Society for College and University Planning on July 16 to showcase Vanderbilt’s FutureVU vision and progress across campus.

“Inviting these industry leaders on campus to see, touch and learn about the innovative work being done at Vanderbilt is an honor,” said Mike Perez, associate vice chancellor and chief facilities officer. “Our holistic approach to campus planning is unique and we are constantly learning from our own community but also from our peers in the industry.”

SCUP attendees view campus plans. (Vanderbilt/Susan Urmy)

Tour participants saw several of campus’ transformative projects including plans for the Greenway, a connective network of paths and open spaces, progress along the 21st Avenue edge and the West End neighborhood and E. Bronson Ingram College, undergraduate residential experience projects. The projects illustrate Vanderbilt’s collaborative efforts with the campus community and various architecture firms on FutureVU efforts.

Using our core values as an institution to implement strategy for a campus plan has been fundamental,” added Leigh Shoup, chief of staff for the Division of Administration. “Staying committed to sustainable and accessible practices ensures we remain steadfast to being an inclusive campus.”SCUP attendees tour campus.

(Vanderbilt/Susan Urmy)

The transformative projects seen on the tour are the implementation and tangible results of the FutureVU vision and guiding principles for campus planning, driven by the Academic Strategic Plan and missionof the university:

  • Vanderbilt is an internationally recognized research university with strong partnerships among its schools – Strengthen Vanderbilt’s mission of research, teaching and discovery which is integral to its purpose
  • Vanderbilt believes that diversity and inclusion are integral to its mission – Recognize the diversity of the Vanderbilt community, which is integral to understanding the humanistic nature of Vanderbilt’s mission
  • Vanderbilt is a community of neighborhoods – Encourage distribution of academic and residential buildings throughout the campus in order to expand the social infrastructure of the Vanderbilt community
  • Vanderbilt is a historic, multi-layered and vigorous campus – Strengthen Vanderbilt’s unique campus character as it evolves
  • Vanderbilt is a university that resides in a unique and distinctive park setting – Preserve, strengthen and expand Vanderbilt’s aesthetic character
  • Vanderbilt is a walkable and sustainable campus – Emphasize Vanderbilt’s walkable campus and enhance the connectivity of all areas of campus
  • Vanderbilt is a citizen of Nashville and the region – Contribute to the intellectual and cultural life of the region, and promote sustainable behavior and practices

For more information, visit FutureVU.

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