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Think about the environment before ordering print copies of directory

Posted by on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 in News, Printing, Waste & Recycling.


The Sustainabilty and Environmental Management Office, in line with the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability, urges employees to use the online PDF Vanderbilt directory in conjunction with PeopleFinder instead of ordering large numbers of the printed version of the Vanderbilt University Telephone Directory. This year’s edition of the directory, a longtime resource for the Vanderbilt community, goes to press in early September.

“Last year, we had a great trial run with a searchable PDF file linked to PeopleFinder online,” says Judy Orr, assistant vice chancellor of Creative Services. “This year, we will order a smaller print run and will provide the PDF again.”

“Many people already use the online directory, and reducing the number of printed versions ordered helps us reduce our consumption of resources at Vanderbilt,” says Jennifer Hackett, university recycling coordinator.

As departments receive new directories, old versions of the printed directories can be recycled on the VUMC side at the following locations: Paper recycling bins found in the hallways at Light Hall, RRB, PRB, MRBIII, MRBIV, MCN in non-patient care areas, and Eskind Biomedical Library.

On the campus side: Station B post office, at the paper dumpster behind the Commons center, or they can be set in a box next to the regular paper recycling bins across campus.  (The volume of phone books recycled at once overwhelm the regular containers)

The 2010-2011 directory is smaller and uses less paper this year because it will not include student information for the first time. The directory will also not be distributed to students this year, meaning fewer directories will be printed.

“Our students’ need for a printed directory has diminished considerably in the last few years,” said Orr. “Few students get land lines in their rooms any more, and they use the directory functions of their cell phones to record the phone numbers they need.”

Faculty and staff who may have used the student information in the paper directory in the past have access to other information systems, including the recently launched YES, which allows access to student contact information.

Creative Services will contact each department to confirm the number of directories for that area.  For questions about ordering printed directories, contact Glenna Underhill ( at 615-322-6096.

PeopleFinder is at

For more information about how to “green” your office, check out SustainVU’s Departmental Greening Guide.

Contact: Missy Pankake, (615) 322-NEWS

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