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Automated Payment Plan

Vanderbilt University is pleased to offer an ACH bank draft payment option whereby your Vanderbilt University student loan payments can be made more conveniently. Vanderbilt University will deduct regularly scheduled payments from your checking account. The transactions will appear each month as a debit on your bank statement. The ACH plan is available on accounts at financial institutions on which a check or draft can be written.

Some of the advantages of signing up for this payment option:

  • YOU WILL SAVE TIME - There will be no need to write checks for student loan payments.
  • YOU WILL SAVE MONEY - There will be no more late payment fees because your payment will always be on time.
  • YOU WILL SAVE POSTAGE - There will be no need to spend money on postage to mail your payment.

To take advantage of this new repayment option, print and complete the Authorization Agreement and return it to the Vanderbilt University Office of Student Loans with a voided check along with your next payment. You will receive a confirmation when your authorization has been processed. Continue to make payments until you have received notification of your first draft date.