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Procurement Card (P-card)

A P-card is a credit card issued by Vanderbilt for the purpose of paying for expenses related to Vanderbilt departments and student organizations. P-cards may be checked out through a variety of offices.  Please contact your advisor to identify the affiliated office for the student organization to check out a P-Card.  If you have any questions, please contact

Click here for more information and a list of office contacts responsible for the P-card check-out process.

Check Requests

Check Request: A check request is a form (available in Sarratt 207 or 339) used to pay outside vendors, reimburse an individual expense (please note that you will NOT be reimbursed for taxes paid on a purchase or gift cards), or reimburse non-travel related expenses. Please note that the check request form will require your advisor’s signature. In addition, you should make a COPY of any receipts you turn in with the check request form. These receipts will be important for your organization’s documentation of financial transactions.

On the Check Request form, you will need the following information:

  • The date, the purpose, and the location of the event for which the purchase was made
  • Assigned account number to the amount being paid. Account numbers can assist organizations with the process of defining their expenses (below is a listing of the most frequently used revenue and expense accounts).
  • Invoice and W-9 (both required for vendors; please attach to the form; if a student is being reimbursed, this is NOT required) *Example Check Request
  • Signature of the student organization’s advisor
  • NOTE: Bring completed check request to Sarratt 207 or Sarratt Front Desk for processing

*A revenue account represents the money coming into the organization’s fund balance

*An expense account represents the money spent from an organization’s fund balance

Check Request to pay for Speakers and Performers

  • When bringing a speaker or performer to campus a student organization must utilize the Vanderbilt Performers Agreement template (available from Annetta Pickett in Dean of Students Arts & Campus Events).
  • Once the agreement has been completed and signed by both Vanderbilt procurement and the performer a check request will be utilized to facilitate payment.
  • Requests for speakers or performers should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.

Deposit Funds

An organization may collect money through fundraisers, dues, ticket sales, or similar activities. Funds (cash and checks) collected in this manner should be deposited as soon after collection as possible. Organization monies should not be kept in your personal possession.

Making deposits into your RSO’s Center:

  1. Fill out the RSO Deposit Form here: RSO DEPOSIT FORM
  2. Print 2 PDF versions of the form. The first form should be submitted with your deposit and the second form will be initialed by the person receiving the deposit and returned to you for your records.
  3. Bring the form to the Sarratt front desk between 8:30 am and 4 pm (Mon-Fri) to give to Mark Leners ( for processing.
  4. All checks should be made out to Vanderbilt University; in the memo line please write the name of the RSO.
  5. When a check is being deposited, you will need to write the following in the “Endorsement” area on the back of the check: Name of the RSO, Account Number, RSO Center Number (10-digit center number).
  6. Mark Leners will keep one deposit form and initial the second one for your records as proof of deposit.
  7. After 4:00 PM staff at the Sarratt front desk can initial your RSO Deposit Form and place the deposit in the safe for processing the next business day.

Tax Exemption

As an RSO, your organization is considered to be a part of Vanderbilt and as such is afforded use of Vanderbilt’s tax exemption.  In order to make purchases, you must physically have the Tax Exempt Certificate with you at the time of the purchase whether you are using your own money or the p-card.  If you are using your own money, please note that you may not receive the exemption (depending on the vendor). If required by the vendor to pay sales tax, you will NOT be reimbursed for taxes you paid on supplies for your organization. A link to the Tax Exempt Certificate is here: Tax Exempt