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Procurement Cards

What is a Procurement Card (P-card)?

A P-card is a credit card issued by Vanderbilt for the purpose of paying for expenses related to Vanderbilt departments and student organizations. P-cards may be checked out through a variety of offices. Below you will find a list of offices with p-cards available for check-out.

PLEASE NOTE: If a P-card is not being used and purchases are made with personal monies, then you will NOT be reimbursed for taxes you paid on supplies.

Office Contacts

If your organization is affiliated with or advised by one of the following offices, please contact these departments directly to check out a p-card. You will need to follow their individual policies/processes for checking out the card:

Active Citizenship & Service (OACS)

Greek Life

Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence

International Student Scholar Services (ISSS)


  • Contact: Libby Crew,, 615-322-4843
  • Office Location: KC Potter Center, 312 West Side Row, Euclid House

Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center

  • Contact: Libby Crew,, 615-322-4843
  • Office Location: 316 West Side Row, Franklin House

University Chaplain and Religious Life

If your organization is not affiliated with a particular office, please follow the guidelines listed below in order to obtain access to a p-card. Be sure to make your requests in advance, as cards are limited:

Dean of Students Central P-Cards

If your organization is not affiliated with an office that has a P-Card, your organization can check out a P-Card from 310 Sarratt, the Office of the Dean of Students.  Jenni Powell is the DoS P-Card trustee and contact in 310 Sarratt.

Advisor approval is required for P-Cards to be checked out and must be received at least 24 hours prior to the time the card is needed.  Please Note:  It is recommended that you reserve a P-Card a week or more in advance, since there are limited P-Cards available.  You are not guaranteed a P-Card until you have received confirmation that one is available for check-out on the date requested.

ONLY ONE EMAIL SHOULD BE SENT to  It is the student’s responsibility to first obtain their advisor’s approval and follow these steps:

  • The student MUST CONTACT THEIR ADVISOR DIRECTLY by email to request a P-Card purchase, providing the relevant information as shown below. The subject line of the email should be formatted as follows: (Student name inserted) request for P-Card on (date card is needed inserted).
  • The advisor must respond to the student with their approval, and the student will then forward the email request to

Once the advisor approval has been forwarded by the student:

  • Anchor Link funds will be verified by Jenni Powell, the DoS P card trustee, or other staff in 310 Sarratt regarding the center number on the request.
  • The student will receive a confirmation email from the trustee, advising if and when the card will be available for pick-up.
  • The student will sign an agreement upon checking out a P card. See agreement for details. Note: The card must remain in that student’s possession at all times.

The following information must be included in the P-Card request e-mail:

  • Advisor’s Name:
  • Advisor’s Department:
  • Student Checking out P-Card:
  • Phone #:
  • Email:
  • Organization:
  • Organization’s Task Number:
  • Reason for Purchase:
  • Vendor Name(s):
  • Estimated Cost:
  • Requested Date to Check Out P-Card:

Documentation:  Please provide your organization’s treasurer records of any financial transactions made on a P-Card. This is important for maintaining accurate financial records for your organization and being able to complete the AcFee process.