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Account (center number) & Funding

* What is a center number?

  • A center number is a 10-digit code (generally 4-46-999-xxxx) used to hold and facilitate access to a student organizations funding. Center numbers can be found in the Documents section on each organization’s Anchor Link page. The key to utilizing organization funds is knowing your student organization’s center number.

* When should student organization’s expect AcFee funding to be distributed into their account?

  • While AcFee funding decisions are made in April, student organizations would not receive AcFee allocations until the beginning of the fall and spring semesters of the following academic year.

* How can you access AcFee funds?

  • •eDog is a window into the Vanderbilt accounting system. Presidents and Treasurers of Registered Student Organizations will be given access to eDog and can review the organization’s financial information. If you having trouble accessing eDog, please email To access eDog, click here.