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Getting Hired at Vanderbilt

Where do you start?

You have a couple of options to assist with your job search. Vanderbilt University offers an online part-time job bank called HireADore . All students have access to this resource. HireADore has on-campus opportunities as well as part time off-campus jobs.  All application instructions are included in each job post. There are positions available for students with Federal Work Study (FWS) funds offered in their financial aid package. However, many University departments do not require students to be FWS eligible to work part time. Jobs are posted as openings occur, so check back often. 

Referrals are a great way to find positions.  Ask your friends if they know of openings where they work, ask professors, ask lab assistants, check the bulletin boards on campus. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required when you access many Vanderbilt systems including YES, Brightspace, HireADore and Housing. Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security when logging in to these applications by leveraging multiple types of authentication:

  • Something you know (VUnetID & password)
  • Something you have (mobile phone or tablet)
Please follow the two steps below to set up multi-factor authentication:
  • Vanderbilt uses Duo Security as its MFA solution. You will need to download the Duo application to your mobile device (it is free) and enroll through VUIT. Please reference the instructions below:
Please contact the VUIT Help Desk (615-343-9999) if you questions or do not have an iOS, Android, or Windows device.

Students Requirements

Creating the work relationship: Students who have not previously been employed on-campus must share their data access with a VU HCM Specialist or Hiring Manager to start the hiring process. Previously-employed students will be available to create a work relationship in Oracle.

All student employees must have a social security number to work on campus. 

An I-9 must be completed before you can begin to work.   I-9 is a 2 Step Process. The I-9 must be completed prior to the student start date. 

A W-4 will be required in order to properly process your take home pay.  Please review the following:You may submit or update your W-4 information online by logging into the Oracle system, going to Navigator, ME, Pay.  Then select Tax Withholding. 

* For Security reasons we cannot accept emailed or faxed forms.



Student's Work Week

Undergraduate and all international students are limited to a 19 hours per week, inclusive of all positions, while school is in session. Students may work up to 40 hours per week over holiday and summer breaks.

Graduate/ Professional students are limited to 29.5 hours per week, inclusive of all positions, while school is in session. Academic programs may have additional restrictions on maximum number of hours worked weekly. Students may work up to 40 hours per week over holiday and summer breaks.

Good luck in your search!