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The HireADore Newsletter

HireADore Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

2014 Online Student Job Fair

When: August 4 - August 30

Where: Online at

How: Log onto your HireADore account and post all positions with the post date of August 4! Don’t have an account? Or are you unsure of how to post your positions? Send us your job information and we will post it for you!

 Why an Online Job Fair?

  • More students will be reached by opening up the Job Fair for both FWS and non-FWS
  • Students will have access 24/7 to the Job Fair, allowing them to view openings throughout their first month.
  • Employers will have the freedom to set up interviews with potential workers at their convenience.

Supervisor Training

Mark your calendars for the upcoming training sessions:
  • Wednesday, July 23rd 2pm
  • Friday, July 25th 9am
  • Monday, July 28th 2pm
  • Thursday, July 31st 9am
Training will be held in the Office of Student Financial Aid & Undergraduate Scholarships presentation room, located on the 2nd floor. Space is limited, so email Student Employment to reserve your spot!
Some topics covered in training will be:
  • How to hire new students
  • Changes to paperwork
  • FWS Changes
  • Deadlines
  • Introduction of Student Employment team 

All Student Workers to eTimesheets

 Effective June 15, 2014 all student employees will complete their time reporting using  Vanderbilt University’s   e-timesheet web-based tool.  Students currently using Kronos for time reporting will automatically be moved to e-timesheet. Please provide your student employees instruction on using e-timesheet. We are including a link to e-Timesheet Reporting.  If you are not an established e-Timesheet Approver please complete the Approver Access Request Form.

For new hires:  It may take one pay period before your student employee is able to access e-timesheet . Please have them complete a paper timesheet until they gain access.

 Please contact  Student Employment if further assistance is needed.

Important I-9 Information

Students should take their original identification documents for verification to HR Express.

HR Express
2525 West End Avenue, 2nd Floor
Hours are 7:30 am-5:30 pm, Monday-Friday

Vanderbilt University is obligated by the federal government to verify identity and maintain documentation of employment eligibility for all new and existing employees. This is accomplished in part through the federal Form I-9. The law requires that the I-9 be completed within three business days of a student's effective hire date. Failure to do so will result in termination of the student’s campus job.

Due to the extreme time sensitivity of the I-9 process, please use the correct hire dates on PAFs. If there is a need to change the hire date, contact Student Employment as soon as possible. 


Departments must adhere to all paperwork and timesheet deadlines to avoid delays in payroll. Paperwork and timesheets that are received after the deadline will cause the student not to be paid until the next pay cycle. If the monthly deadline is missed, a Payment Correction Request form is required so the student may be paid on the following monthly payroll. 

Termination Process Update

Student Employment has updated the internal process for terminations, which now enables departments to view the PAF Turnaround via Business Objects. The process for departments has not changed. Departments should continue to use the following Action/Reason from the drop down menu on the PAF Turnaround:

  • “Termination/End – Graduated” for students who have graduated from Vanderbilt.
  • “Termination/End” to terminate a student who is still a current Vanderbilt student. 

Summer Employment

Students enrolled during the summer months may work up to 40 hours per week, all active positions combined, if their class schedule allows. Students should not work overtime even if they have multiple positions. Please check with your student employee so that your department is not subject to paying for overtime wages.

Students should continue to work in student Job Codes. Students not enrolled at least half time during the summer are subject to FRINGE charges. The department will be responsible for the fringe match. 

Post Positions Online

Please post your open student positions online to the VU job bank, HireADore . Student Employment receives calls, emails, and walk-ins every day from students looking for employment on campus. Our office refers all students to HireADore.

All Vanderbilt students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) have search access in HireADore. Department personnel may have access to this site to post positions as well as search for student employees. Don’t have time to post your position? Shoot us an email and we will post it for you! 

New Faces in Student Employment!

Please help us welcome our newest staff in Student Employment, Lynn Lassiter !

Lynn, our Data Coordinator, comes to us from OmniCare and Snelling. She is not a stranger to Vanderbilt as she has worked here previously and her husband currently works on campus. In her free time, Lynn enjoys spending time with her 4 year old son and crocheting. Lynn’s favorite TV shows are currently “Game of Thrones” and “True Blood.”

You can contact Lynn at