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Fall 2014 - The HireADore Newsletter

HireADore Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

Fall greetings from Student Employment.  Mid-terms are over and we are quickly approaching the final exams and the holidays! Please take a few minutes to review our newsletter.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Facebook - Like Us!

Like us and have your students like us on Facebook ! We post reminders of timesheet deadlines each week. We are promoting your current available positions on our Facebook page. These will be on-campus positions students can find online at .

2015 Spring Online Student Job Fair

The Fall Student Employment Online Job Fair was a huge success! We surveyed the departments who participated in our July student employment training and learned that the majority of the departments will be hiring students in the spring semester. The Job Fair will be promoted to all students and will be perfect timing for transfer students and students returning from study abroad programs. This is a great opportunity for you to fill the student positions vacated by your graduating students!

Spring Job Fair: January 1st – January 31st, 2015

Where: Online at

How: Log into your HireADore account and post all positions with the post date of January 1! You can use your prior job posting by selecting “Copy” from the side menu.  Edit any information about yor position and submit.  Don’t have a HireADore account? Or are you unsure of how to post your positions? Send us your job information and we will post it for you!

Why an Online Job Fair?

  • All students have the opportunity to participate since the Job Fair promotes both FWS and non-FWS positions.
  • Students will have access 24/7 to the Job Fair.
  • Employers will have the freedom to set up interviews with potential workers at their convenience.

December = Graduation and Breaks

December Graduating Students

Students who graduate in December will need to submit all final timesheets, have their position terminated using ePAC or by submitting a PAF Turnaround .   Please add Termination/GRADUATING as the Action/Reason on the paper PAF.

Holiday and Winter Break

The fall term ends in early December.  During the winter break students may work up to 40 hours per week, all jobs combined. Students are not eligible for “holiday pay” if they work on any of the official Vanderbilt holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day).

2015 = New Tax Year

The 2014 tax year is coming to an end. Please make sure all your students have been hired, paid correctly, and have submitted all timesheets prior to their leave for the holidays. Last pay dates for the 2014 tax year:
        UBA = 12/26/14 (for PPE 12/20/14)
        MBB = 12/19/14 (for PPE 12/13/14)
        UM1/MM1 = 12/31/14

Any timesheets submitted after the pay period end dates listed above will be paid in the 2015 tax year regardless that the student worked the hours in the 2014 tax year.  

2015 W-4’s and 2014 W-2’s

Employers will be sent the 2015 W-4 when it has been made available. It will also be posted to the Forms link on the Student Employment website.

Students who selected “Exempt” as their tax filing status in the 2014 tax year will receive an email from VU HR/Payroll because the student’s Exemption status expires on February 17th, 2015. If they wish to continue the exemption status they will be required to submit a new 2015 W-4. If the student does not complete a new form their tax filing status will automatically default to Zero Withholding Allowance (highest tax withholdings). Students are welcome to contact Student Employment with questions.  

2014 W-2’s will be sent to students by VUHR the end of January. If a student has not received a W-2 by early February, they should be directed to log into C2HR  where they can print their W-2. It will be found  under the “Taxes” tab.

e-TS Troubleshooting

We are still receiving a large number of paper timesheets. If your student is having an issue with their e-timesheet please ask them to complete the following steps:

  • Have the student try different browsers such as Internet Explorer (preferred) or Firefox.
  • Have the student try accessing their e-timesheet from a different computer.
  • Have the student clear their cache.

If the student is still unable to access it, please email with the following information:  

  • What is the specific error message your student receives whey trying to access e-TS?
  • What VUNET ID is the student using?
  • Is the student’s name showing up twice in the University Global Address Contact List?

 Please have the student complete a paper timesheet until their e-TS issue is resolved to avoid delays in payroll.

Terminating Students

Students do not have to be terminated over breaks/holidays during the academic year. The only time a student should be terminated is if:

  1.  they are no longer working in your department
  2. they have graduated
  3. they are going abroad for a semester
  4. they have are not on campus for the summer

Many departments are not terminating student employees the day after their last day of employment. If a student is no longer working in your department, please terminate via ePAC or submit a PAF Turnaround terminating the student using the following procedure: 

  1. If the student is not graduating, please use Termination/End as the Action/Reason on the PAF.
  2. If the student is graduating, please use Termination/GRADUATING as the Action/Reason on the PAF.
  3. Put the date after the students last day of employment.
  4. If the PAF is not pre-printed - add the current job code and your department’s mail drop. 

No other information is required under “Employee – New Information”. This termination procedure should be adhered to all year. Failure to comply causes many issues such as payroll issues, incorrect reporting, ePAC, and auditing issues, just to name a few. We also ask departments do not to use future terminations on hourly students for the same reasons.  

Student Employment Internal Email List

Student Employment is updating their mail list. If you have not done so already, please respond to the email sent so we may update our records.

Contacting Student Employment

When contacting Student Employment, please either call the main line (615) 343-4562 from your phone/Lync phone, or email

How Do I - ?

A Department Guide is available on the Student Employment website. All processes for successfully hiring and paying a student employee are in this guide. It is a great tool for new administrators who are completing hiring paperwork. Continue to use current hiring forms, which can be found on our website.