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March 2014 - The HireADore Newsletter

HireADore Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

National Student Employee Appreciation Week

Celebrate National Student Employee Appreciation Week (April 14th – April 18th ). It is a wonderful time to plan an event to show your appreciation for your student employee’s efforts on behalf of your department. There are many inexpensive, fun ways to celebrate. Here are just a few:

  • Purchase a gift card to a local restaurant - Starbucks is a good choice!
  • Throw a potluck lunch - students love home cooked food!
  • Put up a banner and/or balloons thanking your worker(s)!
  • Make a thank you card and have the department sign it!
  • Spring for a soda or other inexpensive treat.
  • Create certificates of appreciation.

Student employees appreciate knowing they are valued. This is the week to show them that their work is important to your department. Don’t forget to do something special for your graduating student workers! Please email us photos of your week. We love receiving them and will post them to our website. 

Check out our website for pictures of how other departments celebrated their student employees!

FWS End Dates

The end of the spring term is quickly approaching as well as the end of 2013-14 FWS funding. To avoid paycheck issues for students paid through the FWS Program, the following will occur:

  • All FWS student employees will be switched to Institutional (IE) funding on 04/26/14 for the UBA pay group and 05/03/14 for the MBB pay group.
  • Departments are asked to submit a termination PAF after the student’s last pay has been processed if your student employee is not working over the summer.
  • All FWS student employees in UM1/MM1 monthly pay groups will be switched to IE funding effective 05/01/14 , unless a termination date was indicated at the time of hire.
  • If a termination date was indicated on the initial FWS Action Form, the student will be switched to IE funding and then removed from the department on the date specified. 

End of the Academic Year - Terminations

Many departments are not terminating student employees the day after their last day of employment. If a student is no longer working in your department and/or is not working over summer, please submit a PAF Turnaround terminating the student using the following procedure:

  1. If the student is not graduating, please use Termination/End as the Action/Reason on the PAF.
  2. If the student is graduating, please use Termination/GRADUATING as the Action/Reason on the PAF.
    Graduating students need to complete their project work with you on or before May 31. If you wish to retain your employee past this date, please contact VTS. They can assist you with the process to get the alumni hired!
  3. Put the date after the students last day of employment.
  4. Add the current job code and your department’s mail drop.

No other information is required under “Employee – New Information”. This termination procedure should be adhered to all year. Failure to comply causes payroll issues, incorrect reporting, ePAC, and auditing issues, just to name a few. We also ask departments not to use future terminations on hourly students for the same reasons. 

Student Employment has been placing the student into a Leave of Absence status within a SE Temporary Department. This was designed to eliminate the break in employment scenario that was causing the re-certification requirement of the student’s I-9. Again, please adhere to the procedure listed in the instructions above. There is no change for departments in regards to how the paperwork should be completed.

Before Your Student Leaves Campus in May...

Make sure all timesheets have been submitted and the student has been paid for all pay periods worked. Or make sure your student has paid back all overpayments prior to them leaving for the summer.

Summer Employment

Students enrolled during the summer months may work up to 40 hours per week, all active positions combined, if their class schedule allows. Students should not work overtime, if they have multiple positions. Please check with your student employee so that your department is not subject to paying for overtime wages.

Student should continue to work in student Job Codes. Students not enrolled at least half time during the summer are subject to FRINGE charges. The department will be responsible for the fringe match.

FWS Evaluations

Evaluations were sent via email in March for FWS student employees hired during the 2013 – 2014 academic year. Student evaluations are optional. They are a tool that can benefit your student as they move on or return to your department. Please complete and return to our office. If you do not receive an evaluation form and would like one sent to you please email .  If the student is no longer in your department they are not required to sign the form.

Post Positions Online

Please post your open student positions online to the VU job bank, HireADore . Student Employment receives calls, emails, and walk-ins every day from students looking for employment on campus. Our office refers all students to HireADore.

All Vanderbilt students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) have search access in HireADore. Department personnel may have access to this site to post positions as well as search for student employees. Don’t have time to post your position? Shoot us an email and we will post it for you!

Save the Date

The 2014 FWS Job Fair will be held August 19th. It will be held in the Student Life Center.  You may request FWS Action Forms for the 2014 – 2015 Academic year starting August 1st, 2014 . Please email to request the student's paperwork.