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August 2013 - The Buzz Newsletter

Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

Training for YOU!

Student Employment is offering training for the VU and MC hiring departments. These sessions will be held at Sarratt, room 189. The workshop will cover the process of hiring, supervising, and paying student workers. Student Employment is providing sweet tea and cookies! Please choose the date which best fits your schedule:

Monday, July 22nd    – 1pm – 2pm                 Wednesday, July 24th  – 9am – 10am

Tuesday, July 30th   – 9am – 10am                Thursday, August 1st    – 1pm – 2pm

A Department Guide is available. Please review this guide prior to attending a training session.

Submit Terminations & Position Changes NOW

Please send Student Employment Term/End PAFs for the students who graduated or are no longer working in your department. Please submit a position change for all students currently working over 20 hours per week (undergraduates and all international students) and over 29.5 hours per week (graduate/professional students). This will allow processing of hire/rehire paperwork for students who are accepting positions in other departments or multiple positions on campus.

FWS 60% - Department 40%

Vanderbilt University receives a Federal Work Study (FWS) allocation from the US Department of Education each year. The 2013-2014 allocation was again significantly reduced from last year. As a result, the cost-share split will be 60% FWS funds and 40% department responsibility. This change was made to help accommodate the increase in students qualifying for and using Federal Work Study funding as well as the increase in department demand for FWS students. Once the student has exhausted their FWS award, a position change will automatically occur and the department will be responsible for 100%. The department and student will be notified by Student Employment.

 FWS Job Fair - Save the Date

The FWS Job Fair is Tuesday, August 20th from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm . Departments should be set up by 11:15 am. Only students who have received Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid package will attend the Job Fair. Please reserve your department’s spot by August 15. Reservation forms have been emailed to you.

FWS Action Forms - August 2013

IMPORTANT DATE: Beginning August 1st departments may request FWS Action Forms. The students will be returning to campus next month and hires and rehires will start taking place! The FWS Action Forms will be emailed directly to the department. We are asking you not to send your student to the Job Fair or to Student Employment to pick up their FWS/AF. Departments should request the FWS/AF via email (
Please include the student’s first name, middle initial and last name in the
email request.

FWS Start/End Dates

FWS Starts:   UBA 08/18/13           MBB 08/25/13   UM1/MM1 09/01/13

FWS Ends:     UBA 4/26/14            MBB 05/3/14      UM1/MM1 05/1/14

If a prior hire/rehire date is written on the FWS/AF, the student will be hired as a VU Institutional Employee (IE) and switched (Job code/Position change) on the appropriate FWS start date. A PAF does not have to be included or submitted for this action to be processed. Please adhere to ALL paperwork deadlines. Processing/Payroll deadlines may be found on our website.

Forms...forms...and forms

For up-to-date forms please use the Student Employment website. The link to Forms is located under For Employers. Some departments are using out-of-date forms. Please use the Department Guide to assist you with what forms are required.

Timesheets - electronic or paper

e-Timesheets- It takes one pay period for a student to appear on your e-Timesheet list. Please have students complete a paper timesheet for this first period. Brown-back for UBA and Green-back for MBB pay cycles. All paper timesheets should be submitted to Student Employment.

Paycheck First...then Direct Deposit

Please remember that it takes 2–3 pay periods before direct deposit takes effect. Staff authorized to pick up paychecks in your department need to pick up student’s checks until the direct deposit is approved. Students may sign up for direct deposit via C2HR after their hire is processed.

Post Open Positions Online

Student Employment receives calls and emails every day from students looking for employment on campus. Our office refers all students to the online job bank, HireADore . All Vanderbilt students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) have search access to this online job bank. Department personnel may have access to this site to post positions as well as search for student employees. Don’t have time to post your position? Shoot us an email and we will post it for you.