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April 2013 - The Buzz Newsletter

Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

Student Terminations from Employment

  • Continue to process student PAF/Turnarounds for Action = Termination as usual. 
  • Remember that the Turnaround will indicate a Leave of Absence for your student. 
  • Student Employment has been placing the student into a Leave of Absence status within a SE Temporary Department. This was designed to eliminate the break in employment scenario that was causing the re-certification requirement of the student’s I-9. 
  • When a student is “rehired” they will be transferred from the SE Temp Department into the hiring Home Department.  

FWS End Dates

The end of the spring term is quickly approaching as well as the end of 2012-13 FWS funding. To avoid paycheck issues for students paid through the FWS Program, the following will occur:

  • All FWS student employees will be switched to Institutional (IE) funding on:
    04/27/13 for the UBA pay group and
    05/04/13 for the MBB pay group.
  • Departments are asked to submit a termination PAF after the student’s last pay has been processed if your student employee is not working over the summer.
  • All FWS student employees in UM1/MM1 pay groups will be switched to IE funding effective 05/01/13, unless a termination date was indicated at the time of hire.
  • If a termination date was indicated on the initial FWS Action Form, the student will be switched to IE funding and then removed from the department on the date specified.

Institutional End Dates

Student employees should be terminated by 05/31/13 if they are not working over summer and/or they are not returning to your department next fall. Students can be rehired using a PAF/PAF Turnaround or FWS Action Form in August 2013 or when they return to employment.

When Fall 2013 semester begins and your student has not returned to work as planned, please submit a Termination PAF. When the student applies for a new position and the prior position is still active, the student may not be able to be hired due to the recommended hours per week limitation. 

If your student is graduating in May, please write “Graduating” on the termination PAF. The student will not be place into a LOA status.

 Summer Employment

Students working over summer may work up to 40 hours per week in all active positions combined. They may continue to work in student Job Codes. Students not enrolled at least half time during the summer are subject to FRINGE charges. The department will be responsible for the fringe match.

Be sure to post your summer positions on Students log on daily looking for employment opportunities.

FWS Evaluations

Evaluations will be sent via email in April for FWS student employed hired during the 2012 – 2013 academic year. Student evaluations are optional. They are a tool that can benefit your student as they move on or return to your department. Please complete and return to our office. If you do not receive an evaluation form and would like one sent to you please email

Job Codes and EPAC

When making a Job Code/Position change in EPAC, please submit a PAF for a position change so the job code can be updated on the EDC panels in PeopleSoft. You can also submit an email to indicating EPAC Change in the Subject. Put the student ID and new Job Code so we can update the PS system.

Contacting Student Employment

Please use the main phone number (3-4562) or email address ( when contacting Student Employment. We will be able to assist you promptly. Directly contacting an individual staff member in Student Employment may result in unanticipated response delays.