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August 2010 - The Buzz Newsletter

Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

GREAT NEWS!!!! – FWS Job Codes (9375 – 9389) will have student positions created within the Home Department the student is hired into. Therefore, all FWS Turnarounds will be sent directly to the hiring department. The Turnaround will have your department's information printed at the top. Turnarounds are for changes only and may be faxed/emailed to our office. Student Employment should receive the original FWS Contract with appropriate signatures at the time of the hire.

FWS Job Fair – The Job Fair is August 24th! Attending department personnel should plan to arrive and be set up prior to 8:30am as our freshman prospects will be arriving. The Job Fair is from 8:30am (freshman) 9:00am (all others) – 2:00pm. Reservation confirmations have been emailed to the contact listed on the Job Fair reservation form. If you have completed your hiring and will not need to attend please let us know. If your department would still like to attend, the deadline for a reservation is August 13th, 2010. Reservations received after the 13th will be placed on a wait list.

FWS Contract Process - FWS contracts will be emailed/mailed directly to the department this year. FWS Contracts for your new hires will be mailed to your department with the new hire packet. We are asking you not to send your student to the Job Fair or to Student Employment to pick up their FWS Contracts. Departments should call us (3-4562) or email ( to request their student employee’s paperwork!

Departments hiring at the Job Fair have found it helpful to preprint the department information and place it on the FWS Contract. A template contract label is attached for you to use.

Start dates for FWS: Graduate/Professional students FWS funding is available on 08/15/10. Undergraduate students FWS funding is available 08/22/10. If a prior date is written on a contract the student will be hired as Institutional and then switched (Job code/Position change done) on the appropriate date. Please adhere to ALL paperwork deadlines. Those deadlines may be found on our website.


Changes for your FWS students working for the medical departments! GREAT NEWS!!! Students who have FWS funding and are employed with a department on the medical pay cycle will now process their timesheets on the medical pay cycle. The hired student should complete a green-backed timesheet and submit it to medical payroll with the rest of the department timesheets. The student will also be paid according to the medical pay cycle. This will eliminate the need to have your student change pay cycles when their FWS funding is exhausted and their Job Code/Position is switched from FWS to Institutional. Please remember that all student employee hiring paperwork still flows to Student Employment. Student Employment will continue to process hiring paperwork and turnarounds for FWS funded students.


New student employees (those who have not worked at the University or Medical Center in prior semesters) need to complete the I-9 process. All returning student employees do not need to complete this process. Remember: It Takes Two Steps

Send your student to to complete Section 1. Send your student to one of the I-9 Express Document Verification Sites where they can show their accepted documents. (Click active link for a valid list) Step 1 can also be completed at the Verification Sites.

I-9 Express Document Verification Sites:

  • Student Employment – 2309 West End Ave. (Undergraduate Admissions Building)
  • HR Processing – Baker Building, Suite 975, on 21st Ave.
  • HR Express – 2525 West End Ave.
  • Office of International Students and Scholars (International Students Only) – Student Life Center

It’s the Little Things – Each student’s hiring paperwork should sent to Student Employment should be stapled together. Please do not use paperclips. The only exception is when you are including an APF. It should be paper clipped to the PAF!

Student Employment 2309 West End Ave. 615-343-4562 615-343-8512 fax