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Employees of the Month

Elsa and Salsa our current Student Employees of the month. Woohoo!


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Featured Student Profiles

Name: Mehdi Sijelmassi

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Major: Human & Organizational Development w/ Minors in Computer Science and Psychology

Events at Vanderbilt Position: Manager on Duty (MOD)

Previous EaV Position(s): Facilities Associate!

Favorite room to have a meeting or event: Kissam MPR, bougie rooms in bougie buildings are the best!

Favorite part of the job: The independence and leadership opportunities! I love collaborating with the rest of the MODs and Pro Staff in a productive manner.


Name: Yiwei “Patience” Li

Hometown: Beijing, China

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Events at Vanderbilt Position: Sarratt|Rand Manager

Previous EaV Position(s): Sarratt|Rand Associate

Favorite room to have a meeting or event: Anywhere but 216/220–would hate to burden people with those chairs

Favorite part of the job: Get to know the events happening on campus before ANYONE ELSE and meet the most AWESOME people.


Name: Linh Vu Nguyen

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Major: Human and Organizational Development 

Events at Vanderbilt Position: SLC & Alumni Associate

Favorite room to have a meeting or event: SLC Ballroom as always.

Favorite part of the job: My team has a great sense of community. Everyone is approachable and supportive. I can’t ask for a better team, truly.


Name: Ashley Davis

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Psychology, Political Science 

Events at Vanderbilt Position: EaV Office Manager

Previous EaV Position(s): EaV Office Associate

Favorite room to have a meeting or event: Anywhere in the ESB!! Sometimes that building makes me wish I had chosen to be a STEM major…

Favorite part of the job: The pro staff!! One time, my supervisor brought me donuts from my favorite donut place forty minutes away from Nashville just because she heard me talk about how much I loved them..