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What services do your team provide?

 Will I be charged to rent a sound system from Sarratt or Commons?

  • Yes, there is a $50 charge to rent the sound system.

 What if my event requires extra AV equipment (ie, multiple microphones)?

  • Any additional equipment needed for your event beyond what is included will be an additional charge
  • The mic pack has a daily rental of $200 and a weekly rental of $600.

    What if my event requires an additional AV technician?

  • One AV technician is included. Should you require two technicians, there would be a charge for the second technician. 

 What if my performance requires additional rehearsals, is the AV technician included?

  • A technician is included for your performance day and three rehearsals. Additional rehearsals will be an additional charge.  

 What if my event is in Langford Auditorium?

  • Langford is a VUMC space and all charges would be applicable, including support from all AV technicians and equipment.