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Updated Catering Policy for Events at Vanderbilt

Posted by on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 in News.

Changes to Catering Policies for On-Campus Departments

Events at Vanderbilt has an approved catering list that university departments have been required to use in any event space. By using a catering list, we can ensure an exceptional customer experience for our clients by providing an opportunity for departments to work with high quality caterers that are experts in our spaces.

Our goal is to create a diverse catering list with a variety of food options that can accommodate various dietary needs, cultural needs, and price points. We recognize that the catering list can be limiting for smaller scale events. After receiving your feedback, we have amended the requirements in our events spaces.

If you are hosting a smaller scale event where food will be dropped off or picked up, we no longer require the use of a caterer from the approved list. Your catering needs are still required to be discussed with your event manager, and for your safety, food must be provided by a licensed restaurant or catering company. All events serving full-scale catering with onsite catering staff will still be required to use the approved catering list.

We hope this amendment will improve your experience in our spaces. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to or your event manager. We look forward to working with you!