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Student-Athlete Food Service

The Department of Student Athletics adheres to all University, Southeastern Conference and NCAA rules and regulations related to providing food service to student-athletes. Each Head Coach determines which student-athletes are to receive “board” as part of their athletic scholarship.

The types of “board” plans that are available to scholarship student-athletes are as follows:

Student Athlete Meal Plans 

  • Scholarship Athletes – Black and Gold 21
    • 15 floating meals, 6 dinner meals at Hendrix, no meal money
    • The 15 meals can be used anywhere on campus, including Hendrix
  • Non-scholarship Athletes – Hendrix 6
    • Hendrix 6 is comprised of 6 dinner meals per week, may only be used in the Hendrix room

 Cash-in-Lieu of Board 

In compliance with NCAA regulations, student-athletes who live off campus and receive “board” as part of an athletic scholarship may be given a stipend in-lieu-of the cost of a University meal plan. Student-athletes are required to complete the Student Athlete GIA Request Form for Off Campus Housing at the beginning of each semester. This form must be approved and signed by the Head Coach or Sport Administrator and turned in to the Compliance Office. An off-campus stipend will be processed upon receipt of the approved form.

Hendrix Room Policies

The Department of Student Athletics and Vanderbilt Dining Services are extremely proud to provide a high-quality training table to our student-athletes. To help maintain the excellent service and delicious menus, we ask that all students, staff, and coaches comply with the following policies for the Hendrix Room:

  • Due to COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, all meals are served to-go style.
  • Everyone must wear a face covering properly, making sure both your mouth and nose are covered.
  • Floor decals will instruct people where to stand while in queue.
  • Book bags are not allowed in the Hendrix Room. All book bags must be left in the area outside the entrance.
  • All student athletes, coaches and staff must present a valid Vanderbilt ID Card with Hendrix Room approved access before entering the Hendrix Room. There will be no access without a valid ID Card. Other options include the hand wave system or downloading the App on your phone.
  • Recruits and/or guests must be approved in advance and be accompanied by an Athletics Department staff member and a signed Hendrix Room Guest Approval Form at the time of entry. No recruit or guest will be granted access without a completed Guest Approval Form.

Hours of operation – During Academic Session

  • Monday-Friday  7 am – close at 8 pm
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday open at 5:30 pm – close at 8 pm
  • Operation may close between meals to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization
  • Hours are subject to change outside of the Academic session.