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Strength and Conditioning

You have a 4–5-year window to reach your physical and mental potential as a student athlete at Vanderbilt.  It is essential that you train your body and mind in a safe, individualized and science-based approach.  Properly done, this training will increase your athletic performance and help decrease the risk of injury.

The Department of Student Athletics has provided student athletes with three fully staffed weight rooms to help you achieve your athletic goals. Each sport has a designated weight room where training will be implemented.  All the weight rooms are equal in room quality, training equipment and available technology used for training. Each specific weight room has its own set of rules.  The strength and conditioning staff will review weight room rules and policies with you upon arrival. Use of the Strength and Conditioning facilities is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with any of weight room rules and policies may result in the loss of weight room privileges.

Use of the Vanderbilt athletic weight rooms is restricted to the following — No Exceptions:

-Current Vanderbilt University varsity intercollegiate athletes

– Ex-Vanderbilt University varsity intercollegiate athletes currently enrolled in school or who are playing professionally in their respected sport.  These individuals need approval from the strength and conditioning staff and must sign an insurance/liability waiver.

-Student Athletics Department coaches and support staff during non-peak hours. Any others must be pre-arranged and approved by the Strength and Conditioning staff.