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Anessa Lee-Women’s Tennis

Posted by on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 in Student-Athletes of the Month.

Anessa Lee
Women’s Tennis
Major: Undeclared, College of Arts & Science

Why did you choose to attend Vanderbilt?

I chose Vanderbilt because of the outstanding balance between academics and athletics. I fell in love with the people here and how happy the students were when I visited.

What are your career goals?

I’m hoping to get a degree in Economics, and then see where that takes me in the future.

What does it take to be academically successful at Vanderbilt?

It takes a lot of time management, hard work, and productivity. As a student-athlete, we are constantly busy, so it’s important to use the time we have efficiently.

How do you manage your demanding schedule?

I have a planner and write down the things I need to do every day. I try to use every minute to my advantage, because I am always so busy.  I also try finding a balance between school, tennis, and social life, so my life is not always so hectic and stressful.

What is your ritual before taking a test?

I try to review and glance over some material before I take tests.

Favorite quote?

“I haven’t even begun to peak.” – Dennis Reynolds