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Luke Kornet-Men’s Basketball

Posted by on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 in Student-Athletes of the Month.

Luke Kornet
Men’s Basketball
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Why did you choose to attend Vanderbilt?

I chose Vanderbilt because I wanted to play basketball at a place where I could be challenged on and off the court. I was familiar with the school and when I met the people in the program, I knew they wanted what was best for me athletically, academically, and personally.

What are your career goals?
My first goal is to play in the Final Four with this talented group of guys we have right now. Personally, I want to be an All-SEC player as well as a First Team Academic All-American followed by a pro career in the NBA. Afterwards, I would like to work in basketball or use my Comp Sci degree to find a job.

What does it take to be academically successful at Vanderbilt?
It takes sacrifice and dedication. There are times where you will miss out on things to focus on your schoolwork, but if it is enough of a priority for you it will not be a problem.

How do you manage your demanding schedule?
I take care of everything I need to do in terms of basketball first and foremost, and then I will take however much time it takes for me to finish my school work and understand the concepts by the time I get to bed. I usually just look at it on a day-to-day basis and try to balance out my work as best I can so I am not overloaded with work on any certain day.

What is your ritual before taking a test?

I do not do anything other than study until I know that I have covered everything, and I will not stop until I am confident in the material.

What is your favorite quote?
“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”- St. Francis of Assisi