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Staff Directory

Toi Batson

Administrative Assistant

Alfred Biqiku

Building Coordinator

Thomas Bradd

Security Systems Specialist

Brian Craig

Housing Facilities Supervisor; Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, Villages at Vanderbilt

Philip Ferrara

Housing Facilities Supervisor; Rothschild, Greek Housing

Benjamin Francisco

Assistant Director, Security Systems

Bill Gilliam

Housing Facilities Supervisor; E. Bronson Ingram, Moore, Warren

John Hayes

Housing Facilities Supervisor; Belleview, Branscomb, Delphi, Cole, McGill, Tolman, North West

Richmond Masters

Security Systems Specialist

Jared Mott

Assistant Director of Housing Facilities Housing Facilities Supervisor for Zeppos College

Kevin Seiler

Director, Housing Facilities & Security Systems

Jody Serrato

Housing Facilities Supervisor; McTyeire, Morgan, Lewis, Chaffin, Mayfield, Blakemore

Todd Werner

Security Systems Specialist