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Staff Directory

Rocky Major

Assistant Director

Sidney Marshall

Program Coordinator

Alicia Martinez

Area Coordinator

Cindy Martinez

Finance and Administrative Officer

Richmond Masters

Security Systems Specialist

Alison Matarese


Samantha McCann

Graduate Area Coordinator

Marissa McGillis

Assistant Director for Academic Integrity

Otis McGresham

Assistant Director of Prevention Education

JT McLoughlin

Senior Coordinator, Production Services

Samantha Melone

Health Services Coordinator

Megan Mesco

Area Coordinator

Makenna Messina

Graduate Assistant

Kristie Meyer

Administrative Manager

Dawn Midyett

Administrative Officer

Jordan Mike


Ana Mims

Victim Resource Specialist

Zoe Mitchel

Graduate Assistant

Haley Mitchell

Graduate Area Coordinator

Amira Mohamad


Chanc'e Moody

Area Coordinator

Grace Moon

Support Specialist

Lauren Moon


Morgan Morris

Staff Engagement Coordinator

Jared Mott

Assistant Director of Housing Facilities Housing Facilities Supervisor for Zeppos College

Katie Muir

Administrative Coordinator

Riley Munger

Senior Coordinator of Operations and Events