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Glean Notetaking Software

banner of glean by sonocent with audio that has icons added to mark important sections

We have a limited number of Glean licenses for students registered with our office. If you enjoy simple, clean software, then Glean could be a great way to mark important parts of lectures.

Glean is a Google Chrome browser-based app that can be used online or offline to help you take better notes, pinpoint important information, and keep a recording of class meetings (Yes, even on a Chromebook!). It allows you to annotate different parts of the recording either while you're participating the first time or listening back after the class meeting so that you can come back to those most essential pieces of information.

To understand the software better, watch this 2 minute video:

External link to Glean video

Glean updates:

Mobile apps

⭐ iPhone users can now download  Glean Notes in the App Store.

⭐ Android users can now download  Glean Notes in the Play Store.

Further details on how to use Glean Mobile can be found at our Glean | Getting Started Guide.

Record Chrome browser tab audio

⭐ Option to record directly from browser audio:
Capture audio from streaming content, without any unwanted typing clicks or background noise.

⭐ More responsive screen layout to support split-screen use

They have a step-by-step guide to recording browser audio.

Is it for you?

If you're interested in getting access to Glean software, please email and we'll get you set up!