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Share Notes

  1. Preparing notes is a vital step in sharing peer notes. Ideally, you'll upload a Word document or RTF of your notes taken in-class. Scans or photos of hand-written notes MIGHT work, but they are not able to be read aloud by assistive technologies in the same way that typed notes are able to be vocalized by software. If you'd rather not retype hand-written notes, you can try dictating them into a document using  Google  Docs ,  Windows Speech Recognition , or  Mac’s Dictation .
  2. When your document is ready to share, log into the Commodore Access Portal, go to the Notetaker tab at the top and then look for the Upload and View Notes link on the left:
    Notetaker tab highlighted and Upload and View Notes link highlighted
  3. Next, fill out the File Information fields by choosing the class for which you'd like to share notes, marking which week and days the notes are for and then using the Choose File button to search your device for the notes file:File info with class, weeks, and days marked