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Returning Notetakers

Each semester, you'll need to add the classes where you're available to share notes. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Commodore Access Portal.
  2. Next, you can go to the Notetaker tab at the top of the Commodore Access Portal:
    Notetaker tab is shown at the top
  3. Once there, use the search feature to add classes where you'd like to be available as a peer notetaker:
    Notetaker home is shown at the top with CIN in the Subject field, 4520 in the Course Number field and 01 in the section field. A large 1 is beside this area, showing that it's the first step in searching. A large 2 is beside the Select button for the search result Movies with Superheroes course
  4. Last, you'll need to choose the checkbox for all classes you've added and choose the compensation method you prefer:
    Step 3, verify your classes. checkbox for the class is highlighted and letter of recommendation is chosen for compensation method
  5. When a match is made between a student requesting peer notetaking and yourself, you'll receive an email with the subject line SAS Notetaking Assignment Confirmation stating that you've been assigned. You can then follow these instructions for sharing notes to begin uploading. The confirmation email contains these basic tips on providing notes:
    • Failure to begin uploading notes in a reasonable timeframe will nullify your notetaking assignment.
    • Notes can be typed or hand-written and scanned, unless you receive a notification that the receiving student requires typed notes.
    • Please name each file clearly, and label notes with dates so that they are easy to follow.
    • You are required to upload notes within 48 hours of the corresponding class period.
    • If you encounter difficulty sharing notes, please contact
    • If you are no longer able to share your notes for any reason, please notify Student Access immediately so that a replacement notetaker can be assigned.
    • Please do not make an arrangement to share notes with SAS students outside of the Commodore Access Portal. If you do, we will not be able to compensate your work.
  6. Letters of Recognition for notetaking will be created at the end of the semester for which you provided notes.