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1.  New Contract Proposal in COEUS

All contracts are required to be submitted through COEUS in order to capture needed information to approve the proposal.  Contract proposals must then be submitted through PEER to be negotiated by the CO.

Possible Documentation Needed for COEUS Submission

  • Abstract/Scope of Work
  • Detailed Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Special Review issues - IACUC, IRB, etc.
  • Facilities and Resources
  • VU Letter of Intent to Prime Recipient to be signed by SPA to be returned to Prime Recipient
  • Draft of Agreement from Prime Recipient, if available
  • Speak with CO about additional requested documentation

Please contact your SPA specialist if you require technical assistance in creating your contract proposal.

2.  Log a Contract Proposal in PEER

Research Unit creates PEER contract log (“G” log) to track proposal and capture PI Assurance Certification and Key Person(s) Conflict of Interest (COI).

PI and Faculty involved as Key Persons in proposal will receive e-mail requesting Assurance and COI be completed. Proposal will not be approved by SPA until all certifications are completed.

3.  Route COEUS Proposal for Approval

When RU submits proposal to SPA for approval the proposal routed to other RUs with Faculty listed as Key Persons on the project for approval prior to being received by SPA.

4.  SPA Contract Proposal Approval Process

  1. Once all RUs have approved the proposal the COEUS Proposal is received in SPA for review. 
  2. SPA Grant Coordinator updates PEER “G” Log to “Received in Central Office”. 
  3. Proposal appears on designated SPA Specialist PEER work log indicating that proposal is waiting for review.
  4. SPA Administrative Review includes
    1. Sponsor guidelines - Terms and Conditions
    2. Abstract/Scope of Work
    3. Budget (F&A / Fringe Rates, effort)
    4. Budget Justification (compared to Budget for accuracy)
    5. Compliance (IACUC, IRB, etc.)
    6. Facilities & Resources

Please note During review, proposal may be returned to PI/department for corrections based on budget, effort, missing narratives, required Questionnaire.  Please see Routing and Possible Problems (coming soon) for more information.

      5. SPA Specialist updates PEER “G” log to "Completed" and approves COEUS proposal.
      6. SPA specialist will notify RU by email that they can initiate a Contract Request from the “G” log.

5.  Creating a New Contract Request in PEER

  1. Research Unit (RU) initiates Contract Request (CR) via PEER using the “G” log associated with the COEUS proposal
  2. PEER Manual: Page 14 "New Contract Requests"

 * Please note : a Contract Request will not be approved without a link to a COEUS proposal via a “G” PEER log.

PEER Navigation pages to complete:

  1. General Information
  2. Funding & Dates
  3. Sponsor/Other Party
  4. Questionnaire
  5. Subcontracts
  6. Attachments  -- Draft Agreement includes SOW and Budget Justification
  7. Review & Submit  -- System will run validations to ensure complete request

REMINDER : Request will not be approved without a link to a COEUS proposal via a “G” PEER log.

6.  PEER Contract Request Approval by SPA

  1. SPA receives notice via PEER that a Contract Request has been submitted and is ready for set-up.
  2. SPA assigns the CR to a Contract Officer (CO).
  3. Contract Coordinator (CC) is notified via PEER to initiate contract set-up and assign UNIV # in PEER.
  4. Research Unit and CO receive an automated introductory email titled “PEER-New Contract – UNIV ####” indicating CO will begin review.
  5. CO will work with PI and RU to negotiate contract with VUMC.