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Account Setup & Modifications

After a sponsored program award has been fully executed, a project number must be requested and is then assigned in Vanderbilt's SkyVU system, which allows expenses to be posted to the project account throughout the life of the project. 

Throughout the project period, there may be additional award actions that occur including issuing subawards and modifications such as time extensions or additional funding. These responsibilities are handled by and through the department and OCGA.

Project Number Establishment/Budget Revisions

Vanderbilt’s SkyVU Oracle Cloud is now available and the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting (OCGA) has developed a new process for requesting new award/project  numbers and budget revisions for grants and contracts.  New request forms are available online and can be submitted electronically to OCGA.  These requests for new award/project  numbers and budget revisions no longer require approvals from Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).  Additionally, OCGA does not require the approval from your Dean’s Office for the new award/project requests.  However, please check with your local Dean’s office to coordinate any review/approval they may want to do prior to the request being sent to OCGA for entering into Oracle.  When the request is received in OCGA, the responsible grant accountant will set up the award and project in Oracle and send notification of the assigned award and project numbers for the grant/contract.

Requests will consist of the following:

      Online form – Used to provide basic information about the award
      Excel template – Used to provide information and budget for each project
      Documentation such as award notices, contracts, amendments, etc.
      Names of individuals for whom you are requesting view-only access to award and/or project(s) *

*   Access can be granted at the award level and/or at the project level.  By default for each request, we will grant access at the award level and project level to the Principal Investigator and Grant Manager of the award and project and the Financial Unit  Manager (FUM) and Business Unit/Entity Approval Group (BU) of the financial unit assigned to the award and/or project.  If additional individuals need the view-only role, please include their names and what level of access in the request.

In summary, an acceptable submission consists of:

  •       Completed online form
  •       Completed Excel template
  •       List of individuals who need view-only access to the award and/or each associated project
  •       Attached documents supporting the request   

The online request forms, Excel templates, and quick reference guides are located on OCGA’s website,


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