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Tryout Information

Cheerleading Team Tryout Information

    • All candidates must perform the Fight Song (Dynamite) and Black & Yellow.
    • All candidates must perform the tryout sideline.
    • Candidates will be asked to perform their standing and running tumbling.
    • All female candidates must have a standing back handspring (tumbling is performed on a mat).  
      • If selected for the team, all candidates must have a standing back tuck by camp season in August (any individuals who do not have a back tuck by August will be expected to stay after practice to train).
    • No spots will be given the day of tryouts.
    • For the stunting portion of tryouts, each candidate will be judged based off of their stunting position; however, there is a possibility that you will be asked to try a different position.
    • Candidates should wear a black tank top and black shorts.


Tryout Information

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