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Employee Self-Service


Welcome! We have created this learning page to provide you with information about employee self-service functions that will be available in Oracle Cloud beginning January 2018.  

Click on the image to the right to learn about some of these functions from Kristie Hall, director of HR Information Systems.


Updating Personal Information

Currently, Vanderbilt employees access and update their personal information through the C2HR webpage. In the future, much of this information will be accessed and updated through the "About Me" links in Oracle Cloud.  



Requesting PTO and Viewing Time-Off Balances

Coming soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will I access my historical employment data once we begin to use Oracle Cloud?

Employment data will be brought into Oracle Cloud as of December 2017 and updated there going forward.  You will be able to access historical information prior to this date using an archived version of the C2HR website rather than through Oracle Cloud.


2. Can I view my tax withholding data in Oracle Cloud as I did in C2HR?

You will be able to view your Form W-4 tax withholding information in Oracle Cloud.  In addition, Oracle Cloud will allow you to update your Form W-4 online in the system rather than completing a paper form. 

Form W-2 wage and tax statements for tax years 2017 and prior will be available in the C2HR archive webpage.


3. Are there items I cannot update online in Oracle Cloud?

Similar to today’s secure process, you will not be able to complete the following changes online in Oracle Cloud:

  • Direct deposit accounts
  • Social security number
  • Marital status

You should bring the related documentation to Human Resources offices in the Baker Building to update these items as you do today.


4. Will all benefits information be available in Oracle Cloud?

Retirement benefits elections will be displayed in Oracle Cloud under the Benefits icon.  Because administration for other benefits elections, such as health insurance, will continue to be processed through Benefits Express, the details of those elections will continue to be available through the Benefits Express website.