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SEAL News: March 1, 2013 – Announcements, Conferences, Publications & Useful Links

Posted by on Monday, March 11, 2013 in news.

Dear SEAL Members:

As part of SEAL’s continuing efforts to keep you informed of developments of potential interest, you will below find information on the following subjects: 1) Announcements; and 2) Publications

1)     Announcements

a.    Law and Neuroscience: News and Publications

The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience regularly publishes Neurolaw News, an electronic newsletter, as a free public service.  The monthly newsletter provides recent and breaking news on law and neuroscience publications, conferences, developments, and the like.

If you would like to receive Neurolaw News, please subscribe here:, or instead simply email Sarah Grove at with “Subscribe” in the subject line.  To access the Neurolaw News archives, please visit:

The Research Network also maintains the Law and Neuroscience Bibliography database ( – which currently contains more than 800 searchable, sortable, and generally downloadable publications.

To learn more about the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience, — headquartered at Vanderbilt University under the directorship of Owen Jones — please visit



Evolution & Behaviour Group (

Department of Psychology, Brunel University, London, UK (

This programme provides an exciting opportunity for advanced study in Evolutionary Psychology, i.e. psychological science informed by explicit consideration of the fact that the human mind, like the human body, is a product of evolutionary processes. This course is particularly suited to students in the life sciences or social sciences who are interested in finding out how principles from evolutionary biology can provide a framework for the scientific study of human psychology and behaviour. It is taught in association with the Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology (CCEP) and the Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging (CCNI).


c.    Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society

Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society – an organization devoted to the application of evolutionary theory to human affairs. The society is devoted to the same mission that we expound (in a more general sense which also includes education, mental health, business, political science, etc.

d.    Conferences


1.    SEAL XIV Conference

a.    April 5-6, 2013 –  University of Pennsylvania Law School -Philadelphia, PA – Register Here

e.    Useful Links

Talk on science, ethics, and free will by Dr. Christopher DiCarlo

2)     Publications

a.    Articles

Margaret F. Brinig, Explaining Abuse of the Disabled Child, 46 Fam. L.Q. 269 (2012)

Barret Broussard, Principles for Passion Killing: An Evolutionary Solution to Manslaughter Mitigation, 62 Emory L.J. 179 (2012)

Lea B. Vaughn, Feeling at Home: Law, Cognitive Science, and Narrative, 43 McGeorge L. Rev. 999 (2012)

Benjamin Barros, The Biology of Possession, 20 WIDLJ 291 (2011)

Luca  Arnaudo, The Quest for Behavioral Antitrust: Beyond the Label Battle, Towards a Cognitive Approach ( 2011) [Link]

Hendrik Gommer, Thou Shalt Not Share? Biological Notions in Intellectual Property Law (2011) [Link]

Clifford Gerwick, The Evolutionary Biology of Fungi and Fraud, 5 J. Marshall L.J. 71 (2011)

Owen D. Jones and Francis X. Shen, Law and Neuroscience in the United States (2011) [Link]

b.    Books

Nancy L. Segal, Born Together – Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study (2012)

Peter Alces, A Theory of Contract Law: Empirical Insights And Moral Psychology (2011)

Robert Trivers, The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life (2011)