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SEAL News: October 28, 2011 – Announcements, Conferences, & Useful Links

Posted by on Friday, October 28, 2011 in news.

Dear SEAL Members:

As part of SEAL’s continuing effort to keep you informed of developments of potential interest, you will below find information on the following subjects (to which you can quickly hyperlink by clicking on the subject):

  1. Announcements;
  2. Conferences;
  3. Useful Links;
  4. Announcements
  • New President: Julie Seaman
  1. Many thanks to JB Ruhl for his leadership over the past two years.  Following his term, Julie Seaman of Emory, formerly Vice-President, has become the new SEAL President.  Rob Kar of Illinois is the Vice-President/President Elect.  Rob Kurzban of Penn continues his service as Interdisciplinary Officer.
  • New Law & Neuroscience Research Network Launched
  1. The MacArthur Foundation has awarded Vanderbilt University a $4.85 million dollar grant to create the new Research Network on Law and Neuroscience.   Owen Jones directs the Network.   The new website (which among other things compiles a bibliography of over 700 items) is at:


2) Conferences

  • Upcoming
    1. Reminder:  SEAL XIII Scholarship Conference, co-sponsored by Emory and Mercer Law Schools, will be held here at Emory on Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st. Our keynote speaker will be Melvin Konner, author of The Tangled Wing: Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit, as well as many other books, articles, essays, and other writings on myriad topics in evolution, culture, development, disease, and human nature.  The call for talk proposals and further details will follow. For now, please mark your calendars and look forward to another productive and enjoyable SEAL gathering.

  • Recent Conferences
    1. Law & the Brain: How Recent Advances in Neuroscience Impact the Law , March 15-16, 2011 [Link]
    2. Adolescent Brains and Juvenile Justice: New Insights from Neuroscience, Genetics and Addiction Science, May 12, 2011, click here for more info
    3. THE NEW SCIENCE OF MORALITY – An Edge Conference July 22, 2010 [Link]
    4. The Great Debate: Can Science Tell us Right from Wrong?, November 6, 2010, Arizona State University, For more info click here
    5. The Origins of Morality: Evolution, Neuroscience and Their Implications (if Any) for Normative Ethics and Meta-ethics, November 5-7, 2010  [Link]


3) Useful Links

  • The Evolution Institute [Link]
    1. The mission of the Evolution Institute is to use evolutionary science to solve real-world problems. Currently, there is no mechanism for applying current theory and research to public policy formulation. We aim to provide the mechanism.
  • Graphical Representation of How “The Origin of Species” Changed with Darwin’s Edits, Across Six Editions [Link]


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