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SEAL News: January 26, 2010 – New “Early Stages” Session at SEAL Conference

Posted by on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 in news.

Dear SEAL Members:

We have received a number of fascinating presentation proposals for the SEAL conference in April, and I am happy for the time being to continue to accept more proposals while we begin reviewing and planning.

My primary reason for writing, however, is to announce a new session concept for this meeting. Provided there is sufficient interest, we will designate a session devoted to projects in “early stages” of development, meaning anything from an idea to a rough outline. The purpose of the session will be to allow you to get feedback, receive research ideas and leads, make connections, and obtain constructive input very early in the formulation of your idea or project in an informal, supportive, but rigorous setting. To request a slot at this session, all I would require at this time is an indication of interest and a very rough idea of the topic and its stage of development. Depending on level of interest we will allocate an appropriate amount of time for the session and design a format that promotes interactive discussion designed to advance your research.

I hope this is an attractive option for those of you who might not have a project sufficiently advanced to present in one of the regular presentation sessions, but which could benefit from discussion with peers in the supportive and energetic gathering that SEAL always has achieved.

All best,

J.B. Ruhl, SEAL President


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