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SEAL I Conference – October 16-17, 1998

October 16-17, 1998
Pace University School of Law
White Plains, NY

John Humbach and Owen Jones, Co-Directors

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FRIDAY, October 16


Dean Richard Ottinger (Pace)
Owen Jones (Arizona State)

The Primacy of Nature
in Political Theory

John O. McGinnis (Cardozo)

Biology, Blame
and Criminality

John Humbach (Pace)

Sex, Culture and the
Biology of Rape

Owen Jones (Arizona State)

Panel:  Law as a Complex Adaptive System


J.B. Ruhl (George Washington)

The Basic Theme of Complex Legal  Systems and What the Future Research Agenda Needs to Be

David Post (Temple)

Complex Adaptive Systems
and Business Law

Tom Geu (South Dakota)

An Application of Algorithm Theory
to Environmental Law

J.B. Ruhl (George Washington)

Evolutionary Law, and Comments
on Presentations

E. Donald Elliott (Yale)

Keynote Address:

An Evolutionary-based Model of the Characteristics of Sexually Coercive Men: Integrating Multiple Levels of Analysis

Neil Malamuth (UCLA)
SATURDAY, October 17

Freedom of Speech and the
Evolution of Memes



Jeff Stake (Indiana U.)


Memetic Analysis of the
Development of Legal Concepts

Michael Fried (Federal Trade Commission)

Gender and the Military

Kingsley Browne (Wayne State)

Private Transfers Within the Family: Altruism, Agency, and Evolution

Shubha Ghosh (Georgia State)

Law and Evolution vs. Law
and Economics

Oliver Goodenough (Vermont)

Evolutionary Biology and Socio-economics: The Complementary Relation to Law Teaching and Practice



Robert Ashford (Syracuse)


Panel: Teaching Law and Biology Topics
with Raymond Colletta (McGeorge) and Cheryl Hanna (Vermont)