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Hispanic Heritage Month

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), recognized annually from September 15 through October 15, is the official celebration honoring the history, cultural diversity, and unique contributions of individuals and communities whose ancestry can be traced back to Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period starting on September 15 and ending on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100-402. September 15th coincides with the Independence Day celebrations of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, followed shortly thereafter by Mexico (Sept. 16) and Chile (Sept. 18). Día de la Raza and Indigenous Peoples Day, recognized on the second Monday of October, also fall within this 30-day period.


At Vanderbilt University, the Student Center for Social Justice & Identity curates a calendar of events related to Hispanic/Latinx heritage, featuring programs from across campus and the Nashville community.

HHM 2020:#somosVU

In conjunction with the Latino and Latina Studies Program and the Association of Latin American Students, the 2020 Hispanic Heritage Month theme is #somosVU, which translates to “We are Vanderbilt.”

This dynamic message calls the community into conversation and emphasizes the values of connection, inclusion, and celebration that are engrained in HHM. #somosVU addresses the need for the visibility of Latinx presence, influence, and representation on campus while honoring the accomplishments of Latinx leaders and groups like ALAS, AMIGOS, LATS, LMSA, SACNAS, and the Latinx Seminarians. #somosVU encourages faculty-student mentor relationships, as well as solidarity among allies, to create opportunities to celebrate and elevate their Latinx peers. #somosVU charges all of us to build an inclusive Latinx community at Vanderbilt University.

The print version of the calendar will be available soon, and if you would like a PDF version please click here. Stay tuned for our calendar reveal on social media for the month of October and check back on this website for a list of October events!


Please see below for the full list of events in September and to directly access the Zoom Links for any and all events!

Latinx Bienvenida

¿Qué? An annual welcome for first-year and transfer students with food, games, and prizes!

¿Cuándo? Thursday, September 10th, 5PM

¿Quién? Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Latino and Latina Studies

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff

¿Qué? Celebration of the official start of Hispanic Heritage Month, focused on building community and developing relationships throughout the Latinx community at Vanderbilt.

¿Cuándo? On social media via Instagram @scsji_vanderbilt

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity

Deloitte Career Consulting Session

¿Qué? An interactive career focused session for students of color and students of historically marginalized backgrounds to learn more about consulting work and a variety of career options with Deloitte. There will be specific breakout rooms for different identities, Latinx-identifying students included!

¿Cuándo? Wednesday, September 16th, 5PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity, Deloitte Consulting LLP

 Please RSVP here and sign up for a break out room here by September 14th. A Zoom link will be sent to those who RSVP one day prior to the event.

ALAS Community Reception

¿Qué? Opportunity for Latinx students to get more involved in the Vanderbilt and greater Nashville community by learning more about the events, ideas, and missions of community partners.

¿Cuándo? Friday, September 18th, 5PM

¿Quién? Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Student Center for Social Justice & Identity

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

UCC Counselor Meet N’ Greet

¿Qué? Come informally meet a variety of different UCC Counselors and learn more about what they do and how they aim to support the Latinx population on campus!

¿Cuándo? Wednesday, September 23rd, 12PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity, University Counseling Center

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

MEETING ID: 957 0086 2465

PASSCODE: 365427

Tips, Tricks & Best Practices: Latinx Millennial Professionals Panel

¿Qué? Come network and hear the experiences from a variety of Latinx-identifying millennial professionals in field ranging from law to finance to graphic design and more! Here about their career paths and ask them questions. More info about our panelists can be found on our social media @scsji_vanderbilt. 

¿Cuándo? Thursday, September 24th, 4PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity

MEETING ID: 949 8897 9156

PASSCODE: Vandy2020

UCC Workshop w/ Ruth Howard and Kayla Abbatello: Cultivating Connection

¿Qué? Ruth Howard will dive into an enriching and interactive workshop focused on how Latinx students can cultivate community and connection in a virtual setting and how they can use strategies and resources to thrive this semester!

¿Cuándo? Monday, September 28th, 11:30AM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity, University Counseling Center

MEETING ID: 919 7853 4038

PASSCODE: 885834

A Conversation with Dr. Dayanara Marte; “A New Spiritual Contract: Individual Healing for Collective Transformation.”

¿Qué? Join the Vanderbilt Divinity School as they kickoff their Relevant Religion Series with Dayanara Marte and a conversation around spirituality and healing. 

¿Cuándo? Tuesday, September 29th, 6PM

¿Quién? Vanderbilt Divinity School

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

“The Unafraid” Virtual Film Screening

¿Qué? Join us via Zoom to watch,The UNAFRAID: a documentary about undocumented students fighting for equality in GA. 

¿Cuándo? Wednesday, September 30th, 7PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice & Identity, Latino/a Studies

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

Film Screening: Adio Kerida w/ Dr. Ruth Behar

¿Qué? Join our community partner Global Speak Translations in a film screening and conversation with Dr. Ruth Behar. RSVP using the link below to get access to the screening link and more! Also check out their website for more Latinx focused events through the semester.

¿Cuándo? Wednesday, September 30th, 6PM

¿Quién? Vanderbilt Divinity School


Please see below for the October events in list form, including all the Zoom Links that you can click directly to access any and all events!

Marianismo & Popular Culture

¿Qué? Join the Women’s Center to discuss marianismo, the veneration of feminine virtues like purity and moral strength, as it pertains to Latinx societies. We will break down how this concept has been portrayed in popular culture for consumption by and for non-latinx society.

¿Cuándo? Monday, October 5th, 5PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice and Identity, Women’s Center

Click HERE to access the Zoom Link

InstaLive with Jenny Lorenzo!

¿Qué? Join the SCSJI as we chat with Jenny Lorenzo about all things Hispanic Heritage Month, her own journey and the way she celebrates her culture in everyday life. Join the conversation on Instagram at 6PM sharp – @scsji_vanderbilt.

¿Cuándo? Wednesday, October 14th, 6PM Central Time

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice and Identity

VISIT @scsji_vanderbilt on INSTAGRAM

Zumba con Mari

¿Qué? Join our amazing friend and Zumba instructor, Mari as she takes you through a couple of awesome Zumba sessions!

¿Cuándo? Tuesday, October 6th, 7PM & Tuesday, October 13th, 7PM

¿Quién? Student Center for Social Justice and Identity

Click the ZOOM Link HERE

Meeting ID: 954 5586 3994
Passcode: 191170

Sabor Latino

¿Qué?It’s Sabor Latino time! As per tradition, ALAS will be giving students the chance to try authentic Latinx food. Students must register in advance for time slots where they will pick up their food in a grab-and-go style. COVID-19 regulations will be followed at all times. We can’t wait to share such an important part of our culture with you!

¿Cuándo? Friday, October 16th, 4PM

¿Quién? Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Student Center for Social Justice & Identity


Dia de la Raza & Indigenous Peoples Day

¿Qué? Celebration that recognizes the ongoing existence, contributions, and narratives of Latinx and indigenous peoples in our current society.

¿Cuándo? Monday, October 12th, 4PM

¿Quién? Latino and Latina Studies Program, Indigenous Scholars Organization, Student Center for Social Justice & Identity

Zoom Link Forthcoming!

HHM Keynote Speaker: Dolores Huerta

¿Qué? This year’s special guest for the Hispanic Heritage Keynote Speaker event is Dolores Huerta invited hosted by the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS). She will be speaking to students virtually via Zoom and will have a Q&A portion as well. Make sure to tune in!

¿Cuándo? Tuesday, October 27th, 6PM

¿Quién? Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Student Center for Social Justice & Identity

RSVP Link Forthcoming!


Thank you to our many campus and community partners!

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), AMIGOS, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center, Conexión Américas, Latino and Latina Studies Program (LATS), Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), , LGBTQI Life, Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Global Speak Translations, the Vanderbilt Divinity School, and the University Counseling Center!